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Sauna Cabins

Sauna Cabins are made from high quality dried round pine boards. They can accommodate up to 21 people, depending on the size chosen. The standard Sauna Cabin includes: straight walls, separate floor panels, insulated roof panels, bitumen roof tiles, double glazed windows, wooden door with double glazed windows, interior benches with backrests, stove fence, heat resistant plates for stove/heater and interior door made of tempered glass for the sauna with dressing room.
If a combination sauna-grill lodge is selected, the standard cabin includes: Standard BBQ set with table mounted around it and a pull-out chimney.
In addition we offer electric heaters and wood stoves.



Area – from 4,5 m2 to 16,5 m2
Capacity – from 2 to 15 people, depending on the area
Wall thickness – 45 mm
Floor thickness: 18 mm
Roof – 18 mm inside and outside boards, 45 mm stone wool between them for the sauna room, 18 mm planking for the additional BBQ room
Roofing: Bituminous tiles
Windows – double glazing

At prices from BGN 10 400.

Note: the price listed is without VAT.