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Sauna Barrels

The shape of the Sauna barrel is borrowed from barrels of aging, which are used to ferment wine and mature other beverages. The barrel shape is a very popular type of sauna building, fits well into garden or backyard. They are available in different versions – with or without dressing room, with or without external benches.
We rent some models of Sauna Barrels.



We offer sauna barrels in two diameters: 1.97m and 2.27m, made of pine or thermal wood, with a wall thickness of 46 mm and 18 mm floor thickness
The height of the 1.97 m sauna is 2.08 m and the height of 2.27 m is 2.38 m.
Barrel length – from 1.7 m to 5.9 m
Capacity – 2 to 8 people, depending on size
Windows – double glazing
Sauna Barrels come with heat resistant plates for heater / stove and two benches in the sauna room.