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A different way of life

New lifestyle from Global RTS/Mobile homes or Tiny House

We offer our latest innovation in mobile structures – a mobile home. A new way of life, giving you the opportunity to be where you like at any time. Enjoy the flexibility during your holiday! Equipped with everything you need for a complete stay, hiring it, you will get the perfect tiny house. With extremely practical dimensions and functional décor, it can be a mobile hotel for those of you who love traveling near and far. Perfect solution for campsite and valued non-standard recreation and relaxation locations. It is a good idea to install a mobile home near your house or cottage to temporarily accommodate guests or make permanent use. It can also become the dreamed kid’s room or playhouse for your children.

Small houses with large winter gardens and spacious verandas

Everybody offers you large houses with small winter gardens, we offer you small houses with large winter gardens and spacious verandas. We have the opportunity to create the dream holiday village for you to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. We can locate it at any convenient place – the sea, dam or lake, beautiful river terrace, forest meadow or near your home. To contribute to the full fun and complete games of your children as an addition, we will install inflatable trampoline, table tennis, football table and many other entertainment. To ensure your convenience, we can provide a large and spacious tent to equip ourselves with flooring, carpet, sofa, plasma screen, dining table, chairs and everything else to make it a wide and comfortable living room. A beautiful addition to the holiday village would be our colorful awnings and tents that can find different applications. In order not to be disturbed, we can even surround the plot you occupy with a decorative modular fence. For dark and cool evenings we will provide adequate lighting and heating to complement your comfort.

Personal solutions to suit everyone’s tastes.

As experts in the progressive optimization of small spaces, we create compact and easily transportable EKO dwellings. They are carefully designed and professionally installed wherever you want. Designed to withstand wind and snow cover, tiny house are insulated with a high R value, making them extremely energy-efficient. And this, in turn, reduces the environmental impact we all love. The basis of their work is the uncompromising quality of a high-class construction and an exceptional design combined with an affordable rental price. Personal solutions to suit everyone’s tastes.

The less gives you more!