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Sauna Bus

Sauna Bus is a great choice to enjoy the feeling of bathing and spend great time with family and friends in the living room.
With Sauna Bus you will have a spacious sauna and an ergonomic living room, it is also possible to install a shower cabin. Depending on the size chosen, up to 10 people can enjoy the sauna at once.
The following sauna accessories are also available: headrest, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, hygrometer thermometer, sauna lamp, clothes hanger, backrest, safety fence and water tank for wood heaters.



Area – from 5.5 m2 to 8.83 m2
Capacity – 2 to 10 people, depending on the area
Number of rooms – 2, for all models
Wall thickness – 46 mm
Floor thickness – 28 mm
Roofing – bituminous tiles
Tempered glass door separating the sauna from the other room
Heat resistant plates for the heater / stove
Two wooden benches for the sauna room