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Camping Pod

The camping pod is a great choice for living in nature, providing cozy and comfortable accommodation for 2 to 6 people. The shape fits perfectly into the landscape, which makes the view very natural and attractive. The camping pod allows people to enjoy the outdoor living, so it is very often the choice of campsite owners who seek to provide their guests with more comfortable and convenient type of accommodation.
The camping pod can be used as a beautiful garden house, summer residence, home office, workshop, fishing cabin, beach villa, recreation area or children playhouse.
Made from the finest materials, the camping pod really offers the conditions for unique camping accommodation, providing an incredible leisure experience.



Area – from 4.87 m2 to 15.03 m2
Capacity – 2 to 6 people
Wall thickness – 46 mm
Floor thickness – 28 mm
Roofing – bituminous tiles
Windows – double glazing
Door – French style, double glazing
Terrace – for most of the models