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Grill Cabins

Grill cabins provide a cozy dining experience throughout the year. They are made from rounded boards of high quality pine wood. Grill cabins are a special place where family and friends get together and happily spend their timer. The centrally located barbecue with a table around it allows everyone to take part in the exciting process of cooking, tasting delicious meals, games, listening some music, telling stories, and sharing joy and enjoyment with everyone. People like the hexagonal or octagonal shape of the houses and often use them as garden sheds, summer kitchens, camping houses and many other purposes.



The Grill cabins accommodate 3 to 50 people, depending on their size. It ranges from 4.5 m² to 25.0 m² and more.
Available in open variant with 9.5 m² and 16.5 m² area .
Enclosed grill cabins are available in straight walls and slope walls  versions, two interconnected cabins, with an entrance hall or an additional sauna room.
Wall thickness – 45 mm
Floor thickness –  18 mm
Roofing – bitumen tiles
Windows – double glazing
Barbecue systems are available in standard and luxury versions, gas and charcoal.
See our catalog for detailed information and technical specifications.